Best coaches in 2017!!

Adam Krikorian (USA) and Ivica Tucak (CRO) have been choosen as the best coaches in 2017.

WWPCA Board of Directors, with very reputable names and experience, for the 3rd year in a row was choosing best men and women water polo coaches in the 2017 calendar year. The decission wasn’t hard as both, Adam and Ivica had amazing results in the current year with their respectable National Teams at the main water polo competitions.

Adam Krikorian has won this prestigious WWPCA award, from his collegues coaches, for the 3rd time in a row. His winning strike is amazing and something that haven’t been seen in water polo sport (and most likely in any other sport) ever:
– Olympic Champion – 2 times in a row
– World Champion – 2 times in a row
– World League Champion – 4 times in a row
– World Cup Champion – 2 times in a row
– Pan Am Games Champion – 2 times in a row

Ivica Tucak has won the WWPCA award for the first time, however, his results in 2017 (and in the previous Olympic cycle) were outstanding. Winning World Championship in Budapest is amazing result, even more so by beating Serbia (semifinal), at that time the holder of all Worlds titles at the same time. He also was able to dominate the finals against Hungary in front of 8,000 hungarian fans in the middle of the Alfred Hajos swimming pool, considered as the heart of world water polo.

Ivica also won bronze medal in the World League in 2017:
– 2013 World Championship – bronze medal
-2015 World Championship – silver medal
– 2016 Rio Olympic Games – silver medal
He was also the junior World Champion 2009 with Croatia

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