WPCA Coaching Conference -CAL Berkeley (USA)

Live Stream registration and information

In cooperation with WPCA and ACWPC, World Water Polo Coaches Association will live stream presentations of 2 best coaches in The World in 2016. Please fill out below PDF form and send it to us at [email protected] to reserve your spot. We will have limited number of available live stream spots and they will be handed on a first come first served basis!!!!

Dejan Savic – December 3rd, 2016 @ 10:20 (PST)

Adam Krikorian – December 4th, 2016 @ 09:00 (PST)

For more information about the conference and the schedule, please visit www.waterpolocoaches.com/conference 

[pdf-embedder url=”https://wwpcoach.org/wp-content/uploads/securepdfs/2016/11/Fillable-registration-form-CAL-Berkley-Dec-2016.pdf” title=”fillable-registration-form-cal-berkley-dec-2016″ download=”on”]

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